François, French obstetrician, 1637-1709. See: Mauriceau maneuver, Mauriceau-Levret maneuver.
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and Hester steps out of prison and into the shame Mauriceau advises
Mauriceau was the nom de plume of Charles Lohman, husband
The uterine rupture associated with rudimentary horn was first reported in 1669 by Mauriceau and Vassal.
The French obstetric surgeon Francois Mauriceau disagreed with performing a CS on living women because 24 cases of CS were carried out in the first half of the 17th century in Paris without a single maternal survivor.
Mauriceau," contained plainly marked sections offering advice on the "prevention of pregnancy" and providing information on methods of abortion.
The frontispiece portraits of authors are also skilfully analyzed, with a particularly informative comparison between contemporary conventions for reading the portrait of Louise Bourgeois (chapter 3) and of Mauriceau and Viardel (chapter 4).
Importantes tocologos como el aleman Cornelio Solingen (16411687) y el prestigioso frances Francois Mauriceau 16371709), ante los negativos resultados,condenaron rotundamente la operacion cesarea en mujeres vivas, recomendandola Mauriceau solo ante situaciones desesperadas.
Mauriceau admitted that many women would not be able to follow his advice.
Mauriceau presented the worst case scenario in his medical treatise.
The first case of uterine rupture associated with rudimentary horn was reported in 1669 by Mauriceau [6].
Mauriceau, Traite des maladaies des femmes grosses, vol.