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Friedrich, German anatomist, 1803-1890. See: Arnold bundle, Arnold canal, Arnold ganglion, Arnold nerve, Arnold tract, foramen of Arnold.



Arnold, Friedrich

Etymology: German anatomist, 1803-1890
an investigator of structures and functions of the brain and nervous system, including the nerve center of the cough reflex.
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Livingston, who analyzed the orthodox Christian attributes of "Arnoldian necrosis" in Matthew Arnold and Christianity.
Aunque Matthew Arnold no haya acompanado su critica de la elite filistea con una exhortacion a combatir la desigualdad, la filosofia educativa que propuso en Cultura y anarquia sigue vigente, sobre todo en el Mexico actual, donde los valores de la canalla opulenta se han propagado como la gangrena en todos los estratos sociales.
Yet between a helpless past and a blinded futurity, Creeley's impersonation of Matthew Arnold bravely and modestly intervenes.
Nick Mercer, director of business operations at Matthew Arnold and Baldwin, said: "Before using SmartEye, employees had to run individual reports to see if they were reaching their targets.
Riede's 1988 Matthew Arnold and the Betrayal of Language (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia).
Of the low male voices, Matthew Arnold (Lord Sidney) and Fredrik Zetterstroem impressed, as did Canadian Robert Pomakov in a brief stint as the doctor to the girls of the establishment.
In a sense, Quart is a descendant of a tradition begun in the mid-19th century by Marx and Engels on the left and Matthew Arnold on the right, the soi-disant voice in the moral wilderness excoriating the base appetites of an emerging commercial culture.
Trilling thought he detected the same expectations in the great liberal writers of nineteenth-century Britain, such as John Stuart Mill and Matthew Arnold, with whom he began his career as a college professor and literary critic.
Dulack's two acts of sophisticated banter--garnished with references to Matthew Arnold, Buddenbrooks and Albania as "the next Cote D'Azur"--resemble a "blend of The Misanthrope and Art, with maybe some Alan Ayckbourn thrown in," in Mooy's words.
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 311: Matthew Arnold.
Paul: it may turn out that Matthew Arnold was right.
This far exceeded our expectations," says Matthew Arnold, senior vice president and chief operating officer of World Resources.