Masters, William Howell

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William Howell, U.S. gynecologist, 1915-2001.
Allen-Masters syndrome - see under Allen, Willard Myron
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com/masters-sex-season-4-spoilers-7-reasons-bill-virginia-are-perfect-each-other-2429492) Masters and Johnson .
However, a few feel that the Season 4 finale was a fitting end to the complicated lives of Masters and Johnson.
In many ways we've advanced, but in many ways we're still the same fumbling, confused people we were when Masters and Johnson were doing their work.
The 12-part series looks at the real-life dramas of Masters and Johnson (played by Lizzy Caplan from True Blood), as well as the controversial research they carried out.
His sources include an unpublished memoir written by Masters before his death in 2001; interviews with family, friends, and colleagues of the couple; and internal documents from the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation (RBRF), later called the Masters and Johnson Institute.
Doctors Masters and Johnson thereafter founded the Masters & Johnson Institute in St.
Critically acclaimed period series "Masters of Sex" season 2 is scheduled to premiere on Showtime on July 13, Sunday, and will feature Masters and Johnson to finally have an emotional, fulfilling sex.
The work of Masters and Johnson followed on from Alfred Kinsey's research in the 1930s and 1940s, but where Kinsey relied on interviews with men and women, Masters and Johnson used clinical observation.