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master file,

n a file of semipermanent information that is usually updated periodically.
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These are short records extracted from cited references that do not have a perfectly matching master record pair to add the citation to.
The master record also will enhance the department's enforcement capabilities and will make possible monitoring of compliance with continuing education requirements when regulations for such requirements are approved.
The DataFlux qMDM Solution for Product Data allows companies to seamlessly integrate product data from multiple sources, enhance the master record with industry-standard commodity classifications, and enable transparent spend analysis and smoother supply chain management.
To ensure that no master record is impaired, DataFlux will automatically analyze and cleanse incoming data while also applying business rules to check for data integrity.
This format should be entered in PBUSE records to ensure compatibility with the TEDB master records.
With over 450 Boring Go Live implementations delivered since 1996, BackOffice facilitated a seamless migration for Estee Lauder, moving tens-of-thousands of material, vendor and customer master records.
Master records can be electronically authored, copied for a specific product batch and modified.
May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The IBM Information Network (IIN) and Cable Services Group (CSG), a division of First Data Corporation, will link more than 8,000 terminals in cable television companies across the country to master records maintained by CSG in one of the largest service networks of its kind in the United States.
It can store 200 master records and 4,000 booking records and features an option to add up to 2,000 master records and approximately 8,000 bookings.
Files can then be transmitted to supervisors for review and subsequently imported into the master records management system.
The BizRights Financial Close Insight helps organizations improve internal control and the accuracy of financial reporting by continuously monitoring for inappropriate system settings, master records, and transactions.
SAP directory interfaces - allows the Esker DeliveryWare Rules Engine to lookup business partner delivery information in the SAP Vendor Master and Customer Master records.

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