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A person costumed, often as an oversized animal, who represents a particular sports team or club in promotional events and in other venues

Injuries Fractures, concussions, shoulder separation, contusions, heat-related injuries, chronic low back, knee and ankle pain, and assault by disgruntled and/or inebriated fans
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Because the foundation is supported by sponsors and donors, the funds raised at the Masquerade ball will allow Mascot Miracles to continue to offer their services to deserving children.
The Deepdale Duck was a Preston North End mascot originally banned from Goodison ahead of a 2000 FA Cup tie for safety reasons.
The results will be announced in the autumn of 2014, and the creator of the winning project will receive a contract to develop the Mascot brand book for the exhibition.
The continued use of the Arab' mascot perpetuates demeaning stereotypes of Arabs and Arab Americans," Abed Ayoub, the committee's director of legal and policy affairs, wrote in a petition.
As an experiment, defenders of Indian mascots might ask themselves whether they would feel comfortable calling a Native American "Chief" or "Brave" to his face, to say nothing of "Redskin" or "Savage.
I was surprised to hear how popular the story on mascots was, but, I'm excited to hear there was such interest," said Robin McKenzie, senior vice president, marketing & communications of the $2.
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee complained last month that the Coachella Valley mascot perpetuates negative stereotypes of Arabs and Arab-Americans, after one of its members raised questions about the image.
Summary: Wannabe mascots learn how to walk, dance and play in Tokyo, Japan.
In the early 1990's, some institutions added a female mascot to cooperate with the male mascot (Bechtel, 1999).
Up to a maximum of seven mascots can join the fun in one night and accompany one of riders and they will get to fulfil lots of official duties as well as have lots of fun and access to areas the general public don't get to see.
Each mascot has brought smiles to many children's faces while teaching kids the right to know, the right to care and the right to play.
A Schneider seaplane mascot with Rolls Royce markings and spinning propeller, produced to commemorate the R.