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Herbal medicine
(1) Calendula, see there; Calendula officinalis.  
(2) Tagetes patula, a bushy annual native to Central America that is rich in esters, phenols and volatile oils; it is analgesic, antiseptic and a stimulant.


n See calendula.
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Hawthorne thus represents in Sweet Fern incipient Jacksonian manhood, the very formation he interrogates in "The Golden Touch" but then reinforces when, in defiance of the story's sympathies, the boy asks Eustace to tell him "how big" Marygold was, and "how much" she weighed, after Midas transformed her into gold (7:59).
In recent years, alpacas have sold for as much as $325,000, but Marygold sells hers for $15,000 to $25,000.
Despite her name, Marygold is not allied with the common marigold (a difference partially signaled by the altered spelling), but with the most transcendent and poetic of flowers, the rose (the symbolic antithesis of the gold coin), in particular the "beautifullest, and sweetest roses, that any mortal ever saw or smelt" (7:41).
Names such as Periwinkle, Plantain, and Cowslip remind the reader that Marygold, who also bears the name of a flower, was the object of her father's alchemy when she was changed from a human child into a metallic substance, albeit gold.
Marygold is a daughter of Contrary Mary, who won eight times for trainer John Akehurst and owner-breeder Tony Pitt.
The team, which also includes mother and daughter Marygold and Jessica Holliday, have joined a group from the International League for the Protection of the Horse, travelling with a team of gauchos from Rio de Janeiro to the coastline of Parati.
King said: "I'm very pleased for his owner, Marygold O'Kelly.
Ehtefaal's owner Marygold O'Kelly collapsed leaving the owners' stand as her gelding was being saddled for the handicap hurdle and missed the eight-year-old's six-length victory over Redgrave Wolf, under a good ride from claimer Cummins.

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