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Herbal medicine
(1) Calendula, see there; Calendula officinalis.  
(2) Tagetes patula, a bushy annual native to Central America that is rich in esters, phenols and volatile oils; it is analgesic, antiseptic and a stimulant.


n See calendula.
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In recent years, alpacas have sold for as much as $325,000, but Marygold sells hers for $15,000 to $25,000.
Another filly, the John Akehurst-trained debutante Marygold, will become her sire's fourth representative in today's Windsor maiden (5.
The team, which also includes mother and daughter Marygold and Jessica Holliday, have joined a group from the International League for the Protection of the Horse, travelling with a team of gauchos from Rio de Janeiro to the coastline of Parati.
King said: "I'm very pleased for his owner, Marygold O'Kelly.

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