Marsupial pouch

Marsupial® pouch

An adjustable belt and pouch made from plush terry-cloth, worn by patients to comfortably manage commonly used surgical drains and drain tubing, while recovering from breast reconstruction, body lifts, lower abdominoplasty, mastectomy or any surgical procedure where drains are indicated. It is worn under clothing, eliminating the need to tape or pin drainage tubes to undergarments or to hold them while showering.
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The forest is critical habitat, particularly for Huon (or Matschie's) tree kangaroos, an Endangered species which is one of Earth's unique creatures with a bear-like head, strong arms for climbing and marsupial pouch.
However, a significantly more mouthwatering investment is taking a piece of Surrey's 5-2 offer on the Wallabies putting the Kiwis in their marsupial pouch and backing Australia in receipt of eight points on the 9-10 handicap line.