Marshallagia marshalli

Mar·shal·la·gi·a mar·shall·i

(mar'shă-lā'jē-ă mar-shal'ī),
One of the medium stomach worms of the nematode family Trichostrongylidae, found in the abomasum of sheep, goats, camels, and various wild ruminants.


a genus of intestinal worms in the family Trichostrongylidae; not known to have significant pathogenicity.

Marshallagia dentispicularis
found in sheep.
Marshallagia marshalli
found in the abomasum of sheep, goats, antelopes, bighorn sheep and the like.
Marshallagia mongolica
found in the abomasum of sheep, goat and camel.
Marshallagia orientalis
found in hillgoats (Capra sibirica).
Marshallagia schikhobalovi
found in sheep.
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