Marshall test

Mar·shall test

manual deviation of bladder neck during strain or cough to ascertain presence of stress urinary incontinence.
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Required quantities of mineral fillers and binder are determined using asphalt mixture design methods such as Marshall test (Ozgan et al.
The model is applied to simulation of the Marshall test.
A nip and tuck first half saw James Berrett and Ben Marshall test the agile Luke Daniels on more than one occasion, but it was the Pirates who came closest to plundering the lead when Danny Coles headed a Swallow set piece against the underside of the bar.
Our study is based on Marshall test, to make it, we focus on the modification's influence on compactness (and the residual vacuums), stability and flowing while making a comparison between the modified bituminous concretes and that of pure bitumen 35/50.
In this investigation, the hot mixtures asphalts were characterised through Marshall test.
Marshall test results (75 blows, compaction temperature 150[degrees]C) Stability (kN) 18.
SARAH MARSHALL tests a new handmade snack which boasts less sugar and more goodness.
The joint NASA Langley- Marshall tests are funded by NASA's Engineering and Safety Center (NESC), based at Langley.
The scale model for the Marshall tests included the crew capsule, service module and escape tower.