Pierre, 20th-century French medical geneticist. See: Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome.
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Wayne Maroteaux Head of the General Affairs in the Joint Task Force as saying that targeting the checkpoint aims to reduce their ability to restrict the movement of people in areas controlled by Daash.
Pseudoachondroplasia was first described by Maroteaux and Lamy in 1959.
Loshkajian A, Roume J, Stanescu V, Delezoide A, Stamf F, Maroteaux P.
There are various forms of MPS - Hurler, Schele, Hunter, Sanfilippo, Morquio, Maroteaux Many and Sly.
Pycnodyostosis is a rare genetic osteosclerotic disorder first described by Maroteaux and Lamy in 1962.
Over the years, American wine drinkers have supported the Bordeaux region," said Patrick Maroteaux, president of the Union.
469: Maroteaux Lamy Syndrome: Enzyme Replacement Therapy Outcome in a Severe Form (Ospina et al)