Marlboro Man

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An icon used in the visible and supremely successful tobacco advertising campaign for Marlboro cigarettes, from 1954 to 1999, which projected a rugged and manly cowboy image, conceived as a way to popularise filtered cigarettes, which in 1954 were considered feminine
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She says: "The Marlboro Man looks sexy and the guys in Madonna's video look great.
PHOTO (1) An anti-smoking sign ribs the Marlboro Man on the Sunset Strip.
David McLean starred as the original Marlboro Man in print and television advertisements.
EAST BROOKFIELD - A 40-year-old Marlboro man has been sentenced to serve 4 years after admitting there were sufficient facts to find him guilty on charges he raped a young girl in the late 1990s.
With International Weeks of Resistance to Tobacco Transnationals, Marlboro Man Awards, and the release of a number of reports, NATT has played a key role in exposing and challenging the attempts of Philip Morris/Altria, British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and their political allies in wealthy countries to derail the FCTC.
As a former Marlboro Man, I try not to be too sniffy about smokers.
The company has also seen two stars of its Marlboro Man adverts killed by lung cancer.
That, along with his high-pitched voice and hair trimmed as flat on top as most greens, made him no match for Palmer's Marlboro Man handsomeness.
MARLBORO - A Marlboro man has filed a suit against the city, the Police Department and two of its officers, alleging he was badly beaten while in custody.
Which this year is embodied in the colourful, some would say downright gaudy, Miu Miu boot - an over-decorated, two-toned variation on the things the Marlboro Man wore at the end of his denims.