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Andrei, Russian mathematician, 1865-1922. See: Markov process.
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Caption: Markova danced the title role in the first British production of Giselle.
Markova agrees, but adds, "Use AI tools wisely--make sure to keep the human element in the equation.
Son ellos, la tension y el conflicto, los que, segun Markova (2006a), constituyen la fuente de accion y de la vitalidad; y aun mas, es con la tension que nosotros tenemos una triada dialogica, es decir, la unidad dinamica de la teoria del conocimiento social.
Although the coat was later returned to Markova by 1OAK, allegedly smelling of cigarettes and booze, and with a tear in the lining, Lohan was accused of another past theft later that week.
And Markova, also ninety-one, with a regal bearing that owed some debt to the swan she once danced, continued to give master classes.
Esta planilla esta conformada por Heriberto Hatch, Gerardo Gallard, Ian Reider, Francisco Carreon, Lissete Alvarado, Jazmin Alessandrini, Virginia Dominguez, Nadine Markova, Jose Antonio de Alba, Enrique Rojas, Gabriel Izquierdo y Gonzalo Alcazar.
Tatiana Markova and Tatiana Sizintseva work for an organisation supporting disabled people, particularly wheelchair users, in Nizhnynoegorad, Russia's third largest city.
Irina Slutskaya skated with flair to come back to win the Russia Cup women's figure skating competition after a series of spills dropped fellow Russian Olga Markova to third.
The Markova Noga border crossing in Prespa could be the first project to be carried out of the series of trust-building measures between Macedonia and Greece, sources from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both countries have told Dnevnik off the record.
The Registry Agency welcomed a new director, with Ventsislav Spiridonov being replaced by his deputy, Elena Markova, after the publication of a report indicating numerous violations in the work of the Registry Agency officials, the organization of work at the Business Register, and the public procurement practices.
Henri Matisse designed the costume and told Markova, 'Listen little one, white silk tights all over, then white satin ballet shoes, large diamond bracelets and a little white bonnet'.
Alicia Markova, her Slavic name notwithstanding, is an English girl.