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Andrei, Russian mathematician, 1865-1922. See: Markov process.
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According to Markov chain derived from the index PNPI, 13 times the transition from normal to normal and one-time transition from nonnal to wet, one-time transition from normal to dry mode weak and one-time transition from nonnal to dry medium occurred is generally 16 times the transfer case from the blue end of the year, that is normal in other cases occured.
Her latest work on Markov systems promises to continue her extensive record of excellence in collaborative research and advance the analysis of stochastic systems.
A Markov chain--log-normal distribution (MC-LN) model was constructed to simulate the textural profiles.
Markov stressed that no one can ignore what has been achieved in Syria in terms of maintaining its stability for many years and its success in attaining a real economic development.
There, over lunch, Ivan Markov learned that Martemian's people don't like America at all.
Scotland Yard have said only that a post-mortem examination on Mr Markov revealed "no natural cause of death".
The purpose of this study is to reinvestigate in terms of a simple Markov Chain the question of dependency among the price movements of common stocks.
Markov said he had been attacked at a London bus stop.
Keywords: Markov model, clickstream analysis, Web user behavior
com), the world's pre-eminent style and trend forecaster, today announced it has promoted Steve Markov to Chief Commercial Officer for the Americas.
In a major breakthrough, Scotland Yard officers examined secret files in Bulgaria about the 1978 assassination of opposition activist Georgi Markov.
In this study, the authors propose a discrete Markov chain model to predict the expected duration of the loan in the non-default states.