Maritime Disaster

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The death of many when a ship is sunk, sinks or capsizes or is lost in a storm
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Schettino is on trial accused of multiple manslaughter, abandoning his ship while passengers and crew were still onboard and causing a maritime disaster.
Tragedy struck after the ship collided with a cargo vessel owned by a company involved in the world's worst peacetime maritime disaster nearly 30 years ago.
THE lifeboat at the centre of a maritime disaster that claimed nine lives made a 1 poignant return to its home port more than half a century after the tragedy.
Beijing has sent two maritime security experts to take part in a daylong table-top maritime disaster drill aimed at crafting a concerted response in case of high seas disasters in the region, a Philippine military official said Monday.
Two Chinese maritime security experts participated in a maritime disaster table-top drill held as part of the annual exercises.
Just three years later, with war raging in Europe, Cobh witnessed another maritime disaster.
TITANIC LIVES Richard Davenport-Hines (Harper Press, pounds 20) THIS gripping book about the most famous maritime disaster focuses mainly on the ship's passengers and officers.
The ship's captain Francesco Schettino, who has commanded the ship since it was built in 2006, said he was not to blame for the maritime disaster, claiming nautical maps didn't show the rocks.
The accident has been described as New Zealand''s worst maritime disaster.
British India) passenger cargo liner, Dara, off Dubai's coast exactly 50 years ago, in which 238 lives were lost -- the worst maritime disaster in the emirate's history.
CAIRO: Responding to incessant complaints filed by the families of the victims of a capsized ferry in 2006, Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud asked the Attorney General of the Red Sea Prosecution office to reopen the investigation into Egypt's worst maritime disaster to date.
The KPT chief said the initiative of federal governemnt in the context of Pakistan Maritime Disaster Management Board (PMDMB) were upheld by KPT through effective participation in the events organized by the board.
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