Maritime Disaster

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The death of many when a ship is sunk, sinks or capsizes or is lost in a storm
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This meeting will contribute and help in crafting a template on techniques, tactics and procedures that will be used to responding to maritime disasters," he said.
The judge said that the crash qualifies as a maritime disaster because a part of the aircraft sank in "navigable waters" and the crash could have affected maritime commerce.
Based on the tentative agenda obtained by the Inquirer, also to be tackled by economic managers at the Neda ICC CabCom meeting, is the acquisition of helicopters for maritime disaster response by the Department of Transportation and the Philippine Coast Guard.
SERVICES have been held to remember 47 people who died in Wales' worst maritime disaster 70 years ago.
A DESIGN for a new permanent memorial to Teesside men who died in Wales' worst civilian maritime disaster has been unveiled.
Contract awarded for 2016 archipelago maritime disaster vulnerable districts Bidding for maintenance work
A LIVERPOOL service remembered the lives lost in Britain's worst maritime disaster.
About 800 died in a single sinking in April, marking the biggest maritime disaster in the Mediterranean since the second world war and prompting European governments to increase search-and-rescue operations.
It could be the worst maritime disaster in China since 1948, when a steamship blew up on the Huangpu River, killing more than 1,000 people.
The last big maritime disaster in East Asia was the sinking of a ferry in South Korea last year that killed 304 people, most of them teenagers on a school trip.
It is alarming just quite how many problems there were on the night, opportunities that were missed that could have led to the incident not happening at all, and once it had happened, the delays in the rescue operation which could have led to this being a much more serious maritime disaster.
The big difference between now and the maritime disaster a century ago is that this coalition was formed so that the ship of state could be steered away from the rocks of recession.
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