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Breckinridge, Mary

(1881-1965), the American nurse who founded the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky to improve the obstetric care of women living in remote mountainous areas. The nurses in the service had training in midwifery and reached their patients on horseback and on foot, often encountering personal danger. The service began training midwives and stimulated the establishment of other midwifery schools.

McMillan, Mary

(1880-1959), early American physical therapist and a founder of the American Physical Therapy Association. She was educated in England and was employed at the Children's Hospital in Liverpool treating patients with poliomyelitis and spastic paralysis. She returned to America in 1915 and became an influential force in the development of the profession of physical therapy.


A regionally popular term for marijuana.
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different Mariology but an alternative way of thinking about
The above passage, known in Catholic Mariology as the protoevangelium, has been taken to be a foreshadowing of what was to be Mary's role as co-redemptrix in God's salvific plan.
In fact, this Mariology is not foreign to either ancient or modern Catholic thought, although it has remained rather hidden.
It listed the members of the group, which is presided over by Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the retired vicar of Rome, Cardinal Jozef Tomko, retired prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples; Cardinal Vinko Puljic, archbishop of Vrhbosna, president of the episcopal conference of Bosnia-Herzegovina; Cardinal Josip Bozanic, archbishop of Zagreb, Croatia; retired Cardinal Julian Herranz; Archbishop Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for Saints' Causes; Msgr Tony Anatrella, psychoanalyst and specialist in social psychiatry; and six other clerics all experts in various sciences including those of Mariology and Canon Law.
Mariology 1) Immaculate Conception 2) Assumption into the Kingdom of Heaven
But since views of Mary's virginal conception that aimed to protect Mary from the taint of sin and corruption attending to sexual intercourse relied on a continuation of the "encratite" tradition that linked sin to sexuality and salvation to sexual purity, Jovinian stood on firm "orthodox" ground when he attacked Ambrose's Mariology.
Along the way, readers are treated to eclectic asides on Mariology, occasioned by all the statues of the Madonna situated along the way; indulgences and their abuses; a bit on the Knights Templar, late of DaVinci Code fame; and accounts of various practices of penance, asceticism and meditation.
I myself find fewer oblique references to Catholic transubstantiation and the Mass and Mariology than King does.
For an excellent discussion of sixteenth-century Mariology see Petrocchi.
The first three articles are loosely linked by the theme of Mariology.
sketches further avenues for development, highlighting the need for critical engagement with non-Western notions of beauty, other Christian ecumenical traditions, ecological concerns, liberation and feminist theologies, and contemporary Mariology.
De Koninck wrote on many topics: the common good, natural philosophy, the philosophy of science, Marxism, and Mariology.