Marie, Pierre

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Marie, Pierre

Fr. neurologist, 1853–1940.

Marie ataxia

Hereditary cerebellar ataxia caused by bilateral cortical atrophy of the cerebellum.

Marie disease


Marie hypertrophy

Chronic periostitis that causes the soft tissues surrounding the joints to enlarge.

Marie sign

Hand tremor seen in exophthalmic goiter.


Pierre, French neurologist, 1853-1940.
Bamberger-Marie disease - Synonym(s): Bamberger-Marie syndrome
Bamberger-Marie syndrome - see under Bamberger, Eugen
Brissaud-Marie syndrome - see under Brissaud
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease - see under Charcot
Debré-Marie syndrome - see under Debré
Foix-Cavany-Marie syndrome - see under Foix
Marie ataxia - obsolete term for a variety of non-Friedreich hereditary ataxias.
Marie-Leri syndrome - swelling of deformed joints.
Marie-Sainton syndrome - excessive head development. Synonym(s): cleidocranial dysplasia; cleidocranial dysostosis
Marie-Strümpell disease - Synonym(s): Strümpell-Marie disease
Marie I syndrome - Synonym(s): Menzel syndrome
Marie II syndrome - endocrine and neurologic disorders.
Nonne-Marie syndrome - Synonym(s): Menzel syndrome
Strümpell-Marie disease - see under Strümpell
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INTRODUCTION: Cleidocranial Dysplasia, also called as cleidocranial dysostosis or Marie-Sainton Syndrome, was first described in 1765 by Martin.
The cleidocranial dysplasia, also known as Marie and Sainton Disease, Scheuthauer Marie-Sainton Syndrome and Mutational dysostosis.

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