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Zakrzewski, Marie

(1829-1902), a Polish-German-American midwife who studied medicine in Berlin before emigrating to the United States. In New York she met Elizabeth Blackwell, who encouraged her to continue her medical studies. After receiving her medical degree in Cleveland, she worked at Blackwell's New York Infirmary before going to Boston. In 1872, she organized the first successful American school of nursing at the New England Hospital for Women and Children.
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I long sought to meet Marie alone; and at last I did meet her, on the hillside beyond the village.
Occasionally they stopped and listened; but they teased Marie all the same.
I told them how unhappy Marie was, and after a while they stopped their abuse of her, and let her go by silently.
Very soon after that they all became fond of Marie, and at the same time they began to develop the greatest affection for myself.
Everyone discovered now that the little ones had taken to being fond of Marie, and their parents were terribly alarmed; but Marie was so happy.
When we left her, Marie used to relapse at once into her old condition, and sit with closed eyes and motionless limbs.
For two days the children looked after her, and then, when the village people got to know that Marie was really dying, some of the old women came and took it in turns to sit by her and look after her a bit.
and Marie no sooner caught sight of, or heard them, and she became quite animated at once, and, in spite of the old women, would try to sit up and nod her head and smile at them, and thank them.
Next morning they came and told me that Marie was dead.
Marguerite (Isabelle Carre) is sent to bring Marie down and gently extends her hand to Marie and then allows Marie "to see" her by feeling her face.
Marie said her brother-in-law was intoxicated and had just left his apartment to catch up with his live-in girlfriend, Chelsea Murray, who was walking ahead of him.
MARIE Andrews is a fantastic example of how life's problems can be overcome.