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Étienne Jules, French physiologist, 1830-1904. See: Marey law.
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Contract notice: market for landscaping and street furniture as part of the development of rue colonel marey on an urban boulevard
An Israeli flag flutters above the wreckage of a tank on a hill in the Golan Heights overlooking the border with Syria on October 18, 2017 -- AFP Photo/Jalaa Marey Israel's main concern is border security, and thus Israel's north eastern border.
Mas de un siglo despues, una vez concordada la informacion que existia del diafragma con sus observaciones en diversas especies, Le Double, profesor de anatomia de la escuela de anatomia del Tours Laureat de L'Institut, y Marey, miembro de L'Academie des sciences de L'Academie de medecine y profesor del College de France, se percataron de cambios morfologicos en los distintos musculos o grupos musculares.
He was with associate choreographer Marey Griffith and musical supervisor Clement Ishmael.
O trabalho de Ettiene Jules Marey e disso um exemplo claro, criando a aparencia do movimento ao animar a sequencia de imagens.
Part 1, "Influences and Antecedents," begins with an introduction by Mark Evans (9-11) and includes: Nigel Ward, "The French Theatrical Avant-Garde" (12-18); Vivian Appier, "Mime, 'Mimes' and Miming" (19-26); Gillian Arrighi, "The Rediscovery of the Mask" (27-34); Bruce McConachie, "Jacques Lecoq and the Challenge of Modernist Theatre, 1945-1968" (35-42); Tom Cornford, "Jacques Lecoq and the Studio Tradition" (43-50); Claudia Sachs, "Bachelard, Jousse and Lecoq" (51-58); Jon Foley Sherman, "Space and Mimesis" (59-66); Clare Brennan, "Movement Made Visible: Marey and Lecoq" (67-78); Pardis Dabashi, "Literature, Lecoq, and the 'Nouveau Roman'" (79-86); Gloria Pastorino, "The Body Voice of Satire: Jacques Lecoq and Dario Fo" (87-96).
Egypt received strong support in its aspirations to host the tournament, especially from its sports figures and Egyptian professional players abroad, including footballer Mohamed Elneny and basketball players Assem Marey and Anas Mahmoud.
Here, Gioli sought to merge portraiture (as represented by Thomas Eakins) with the action-based photographic studies of Etienne-Jules Marey, establishing a relationship between two great innovators of the nineteenth century.
75lb while fellow Aberdare fly fisherman Joshua Marey had a hefty five fish 16lb bag to take home.
Etienne-Jules Marey y su estudio fotografico del movimiento constituye una manifestacion definitiva en el intento de conciliar tiempo y espacio.
Alexey Marey, the bank's chief executive, said, 'Our bank is absolutely resilient, profitable, with a clear strategy to grow the volume of its risk-free business and maintain or increase market share in sectors we have identified as key.