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Josef, Hungarian veterinarian and pathologist, 1868-1952. See: Marek disease virus.
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When Jake went out, Marek crawled along the floor and stuffed up the door-crack again.
Marek slid cautiously toward us and began to exhibit his webbed fingers.
She and her Oregon real estate boyfriend, Chris Marek, are officially dating.
The composer Martin Marek died in 2014 after having lain in a coma in hospital for a long time, preceded by his having lived homeless on the very margins of society.
The Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) extends its congratulations to Marek Belka, former President of Narodowy Bank Polski, who has received the Grand Decoration of Honor in Gold with Star for his services to the Republic of Austria.
Dave Marek and his team have created a concept that encapsulates the direction that Acuras to come will exhibit.
The DB10, the brainchild of former Teesside Polytechnic student Marek Reichman, was estimated to go for between PS1m and PS1.
ide Group Product Development Manager, Marek Swoboda has been actively involved in guiding and mentoring the Drexel Hyperloop Team, witnessing the project blossom and evolve over the course of the competition.
After being awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship in 2011, Durham University physics lecturer Dr Marek Szablewski travelled to Poland to piece together what happened to his grandfather and father.
At the Requiem Mass for Marek Skiba, 51, Fr Alan Cook said he was "soft soul who only wanted a beautiful ordinary life".
Everybody knows we are generally short of water in the Texas High Plains and can no longer meet 100% of all crop water needs," said ASABE member Thomas Marek, senior research engineer for irrigation water conservation and management at AgriLife Research in Amarillo.
Our "superhero" is seventeen-year-old Marek, who had been a handsome boy and the much-admired star of his high-school theater group--until he gets mauled by a Rottweiler.