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Gérard T.J., French surgeon, 1850-1903. See: Marchant zone.
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The Peter Le Marchant Trust operates Canal Boats providing day and holiday trips for the elderly, seriously ill and children/young adults living with disabilities in the East Midland/Loughborough area.
Mr Marchant, 39, who now works in logistics, is claiming damages for distress and personal injury, alleging a breach of the Data Protection Act and the law of privacy and confidential information.
El corte, la trizadura, el quiebre, suceden en la poesia de Valentina Marchant primordialmente sobre el propio cuerpo y como un doble reflejo sobre el de los otros.
All four had gone to the casino in his car but drunk Marchant, 24, demanded to be taken home at around 1.
James and Marchant are prepared to speak to the panel conducting the independent review.
Inflammation, blood sugar and breathing rate can all influence mood, and it seems mood may influence those processes right back, Marchant argues.
Court chairman Isfryn Williams reminded Marchant, who had pleaded guilty to the breach: "Don't forget when you come out that restraining order is still there irrespective of what anyone else says to you.
Mrs Marchant was at the Palace with sons Robin and Adam, who had flown over from Australia with his seven-year-old daughter Matilda.
Marchant is with Johnson Gaukroger Smith and Marchant.
But Marchant, of Ponteland Road, Cowgate, Newcastle, was discovered by police drunk and asleep in Ms Colquhoun's front garden at the weekend.
SSE's boss, Ian Marchant, faced calls to quit over the scandal.
CAPITA has announced the appointment of Richard Marchant as chief executive of its property and infrastructure business.