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Gérard T.J., French surgeon, 1850-1903. See: Marchant zone.
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Jean Marie Marchant was ministering to the sick on Thursday when she learned that the Vatican had made yet another tactical error in its antiquated and increasingly desperate crusade to ban women from the priesthood.
Sukhdev Garcha, defending, said Marchant was a woman of previous good character and she had obtained employment to provide for her family and to raise her self esteem.
Marchant said the move toward hybrid technology was also softened thanks to service support through PacLease.
Mrs Marchant, 69, of Almondbury, led the amalgamation of the former Huddersfield and Dewsbury courts into the new Kirklees Magistrates Courts.
Marchant typically gets involved once a mistake already has beer made.
Neil Connell, defending, agreed and the case against Marchant was dropped.
Mr Marchant spent 19 years in local government, working with Leeds City Council before joining Capita in 1990.
Marchant, whose customers have seen their average bill nearly triple in his 10 years as boss, will leave the company on June 30.
Countless customers were ripped off and Marchant looks set for an eye-watering PS15million when he steps down.
Chief executive Ian Marchant is set to walk away from the company with a pension pot of between PS9million and PS15million.
Liam Marchant (Phil Drury Kawasaki 1000) had led that race for the first two laps before being forced to pull out with a stretched chain.
Ian Marchant said the Government was underestimating a power plant crunch facing the country.