Arturo, Italian physiologist, 1854-1915. See: Marcacci muscle.
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For press inquiries: Silvio Marcacci 202-643-8210 silvio@marcaccicomms.
Filardo G, Kon E, Della Villa S, Vincentelli F, Fornasari PM, Marcacci M.
Tenor Francesco Marcacci (Rodolfo) has a thin, reedy voice with an uneven top, but did pour forth some powerful notes when required.
Among the artists exhibiting this year are Santa Monica-based sculptor Kathryn England, nationally recognized wildlife realist Philip Marcacci and Thousand Oaks bronze sculptor Michael Morris.
Silvio Marcacci for FCA +1(202)643-8210 silvio@marcaccicomms.
Marcacci, Modifying bone scaffold architecture in vivo with permanent magnets to facilitate fixation of magnetic scaffolds, Bone, 56, 432-439 (2013).
2) Aff atato S, Spinelli M, Lopomo N, Grupp TM, Marcacci M, Toni A.
Silvio Marcacci for FCA +1-(202)-643-8210 silvio@marcaccicomms.
In a prospective review of 37 young athletes with grade 4 chondral defects treated with mosaicplasty, Marcacci and coworkers (13) reported that at 2 years of follow-up 78% of patients had good to excellent results.
Via Marcacci 9, 6600 Locarno, 091 751 01 70, Open: 01.
In Brione there is a building called the Marcacci Castle, built by Giovanni Antonio Marcacci at the beginning of the 18th century.