Mantoux, Charles

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Charles, French physician, 1877-1947.
Mantoux method
Mantoux pit - shallow depressions of the palms and soles in basal cell nevus syndrome.
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Use of a needle and syringe requires no specialized equipment, but training in the Mantoux method can be difficult.
The Mantoux method is accomplished by inserting the needle into the skin at a very shallow angle.
For the TST, 10 U of purified protein derivative (Chiron Vaccines Evans, Liverpool, UK), equivalent to 5 IU tuberculin were injected by using the Mantoux method (available from http://www.
Last year the UK was forced to replace the original Heaf method of skin testing with the even older Mantoux method (which has been used across other parts of Europe for many years), because the Heaf components were no longer available.
We used the Mantoux method of tuberculin skin testing (6) and defined a positive result as induration of > 10 mm.