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Charles, French physician, 1877-1947. See: Mantoux pit, Mantoux test.

Mantoux or PPD test

Other names for a tuberculin skin test. PPD stands for purified protein derivative.
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Comparison of Mantoux and Tine tuberculin skin tests in BCG-vaccinated children investigated for TB.
After providing informed consent, all patients underwent a Mantoux test.
Last year the UK was forced to replace the original Heaf method of skin testing with the even older Mantoux method (which has been used across other parts of Europe for many years), because the Heaf components were no longer available.
The 115-year-old Mantoux skin test has recently been introduced as the standard method for diagnosing latent TB infection across the UK.
Contract notice: Dishwashing, cleaning and maintenance of premises and windows in favor of circle bases defense phalsburg and verdun branches: lot 1: phalsburg - the district horie (1 rhc) and sarrebourg - rabier neighborhood (1st r), lot 2: bitche - lieutenant-colonel driant (16th bc) district and camp bitche (cfim) lot 3: tin - lieutenant etienne mantoux base.
Studies of avian versus human Mantoux testing in schoolchildren have shown that exposure to NTM organisms is common in Queensland (9-11).
Mantoux tuberculin skin test: Must be current within one year of kindergarten entry.
Every asylum seeker residing at Angel Lodge is offered screening for TB as per national protocol and local arrangements and follow up as appropriate A minimum of 1 weekly open access clinic for administering mantoux test.
Screening for asymptomatic patients comprised blood count, biochemistry, basic urinalysis, HIV serologic analysis, hepatitis B virus (HBV) and HCV serologic analysis, rapid plasma reagin, Mantoux skin test, stool parasites, PCR for malaria in sub-Saharan Africans (since 2005), and Chagas disease serologic analysis (immunofluorescent antibody test, ELISA) and PCR (since 2003) in persons from Latin America.
Parents should bring a copy of a birth certificate for the child and proof of immunizations including demonstration of passing the Mantoux tuberculosis test, Hardy said.
Skin testing remains the most common form of testing and though the Mantoux test dominates, others are being developed that will impact the market.
New kindergarteners and first-graders who have never attended kindergarten must also have the written results of a Mantoux test for tuberculosis that has been completed in the past 12 months.