Mann-Whitney U test

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Mann-Whitney test, Mann-Whitney U test

Mann-Whitney U test,

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The Mann-Whitney U test in the SPSS statistical program was performed in two parts.
When the mean ranks of the groups within the Mann-Whitney U test are observed, it can be seen that the fluent writing levels of the 5th grade pupils (X=47,70) are higher than that of the 6th grade pupils (X=33,70).
According to the results of the Mann-Whitney U test which aimed to test the attendees' self esteem levels according to their gender; a meaningful correlation between the self esteem levels of male and female attendants was not encountered.
The mean square error coefficient of determination and the adjusted coefficient of determination of models and the results of comparison Mann-Whitney U tests given in Table 2.
In particular, we examine the Wald--Wolfowitz test, the Mann-Whitney U test, and re-sampling.