Mann-Whitney test

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Mann-Whitney test, Mann-Whitney U test

Mann-Whitney test

A statistical test of the probability that two independent sets of observations come from the same population. The Mann-Whitney test is independent of distribution and can be used when the t test is inappropriate.


Henry Berthold, U.S. mathematician, 1905–.
Mann-Whitney test - rank sum test.


Donald Ransom, U.S. statistician, 1915–.
Mann-Whitney test - see under Mann, Henry Berthold
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The Mann-Whitney U test in the SPSS statistical program was performed in two parts.
8) Table 3: Overall students' satisfaction for current curriculum practices Are you satisfied with the current Statistical Inference curriculum practices No, not Yes, but Yes, very Mann-Whitney U -754.
When the mean ranks of the groups within the Mann-Whitney U test are observed, it can be seen that the fluent writing levels of the 5th grade pupils (X=47,70) are higher than that of the 6th grade pupils (X=33,70).
The results of Mann-Whitney U test for comparison of the models with MSE R2 and Radj
We consider three: the Wald-Wolfowitz test, the Mann-Whitney U Test, also known as the Wilcoxon rank sum test, and a re-sampling procedure.
Recently, would Mann-Whitney U 11303 12845 you say that any Z -1872 -030 disease/s or health [rho] 0.
Bulgular: Hasta grubunda papiller ve retikuler dermiste D2-40 ile boyanan lenfatik damar sayisi kontrol grubuna gore istatistiksel olarak anlamli oranda yuksek bulundu (sirasiyla p=0,007 ve p=0,001, Mann-Whitney U testi).