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manda (munˑ·d),

adj in Ayurveda, “slow” or “dull” as a guna, one of the qualities characterizing all substances. Its complement is tikshna. See also gunas and tikshna.
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More so, those who protect the area, like Timuay Manda and his supporters, have been receiving threats in the past three years for their opposition to destructive mining industries.
According to Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM), Timuay Manda has been leading his tribe in claiming and protecting their ancestral domain in the last 10 years after his cousin, Timuay Giovanni Umban, was assassinated in 2002.
Ulang said MandA activities this year would be strong in the consumer sector, particularly in infrastructure, construction, and food and beverage industries.
This year MandA (activity) has been driven by power cement and commercial real estate companies.
MandA transactions in 2012 registered the most deal activity, posting 968 transactions, representative of 50.
North America led all regions in terms of the number of MandA, equity offering, debt offering, and partnership transactions, while Europe registered the highest number of PE/VC deals.
This report includes a comprehensive analysis of the MandA, capital raising, and partnering deals announced worldwide in 2012 through analytical insights from a segmental and regional perspective.
This trend observed during the past is expected to result in MandA deals on the same lines in the coming years.