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A high public or government official of the Chinese empire; the term has been used in reference to the power wielded by a mandarin-like class of professionals—physicians, lawyers, scientists, engineers, middle managers, etc.
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She said: "When developing La Mandarine I sought out smaller producers who use traditional techniques of hand block printing, hand beading and embroidering.
My paternal grandmother is peeling a mandarine and asks if I wish a tangerine.
Bourjois Loose Eyeshadow Powder in Regard Mandarine, $16, sephora.
The glow-in-the-dark Nite Light Scented Oil comes in two fragrances: mandarine and green tea, and plumeria and wild rose.
Afterwards there used to be a superb croque monsieur and coffee to be had at Mandarine, which has now probably folded its wings.
Indeed, the development of travel encourages journeys, and with them fresh, critical perspectives, such as Roland Dorgeles's account entitled Sur la route mandarine,(28) so modern and perceptive.
99) - AND a bottle of Mandarine Napoleon Brandy (worth pounds 18.
Sur la route mandarine, which opens with the author in Hanoi, contains a set of descriptions and reflections recorded as he travels south: to Hue, Cholon, and a leper colony on an island near My Tho, and then to Angkor and finally to the hill regions occupied by the "Moi" people.
Another Playtoons title, The Mandarine Prince, features two curious young characters who become caught in a mysterious trap while enroute to the principality of Mandarine on a writing assignment.
The mum-of-two's plight took her on a long journey from her home in Killinchy, Co Down, to India and back where she undertook extensive research and learned about hand-made techniques in order to lay the foundations of her new beachwear clothing range, La Mandarine.