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Managed care
A term referring to the arrangements that States make for paying Medicare premiums on behalf of those they are required or choose to cover.

The purchasing of a portion of a group practice as a vehicle for becoming one of the partners in the practice.


Medical practice The purchasing of a portion of a group practice as a vehicle for becoming one of the partners in the practice
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Management Buy-ins (MBIs) involve a new external management team.
These can range from management buyouts and acquisitions to management buy-ins and MBIs to acquisitions.
At a deeper level, this involves key issues such as public flotations and debt financing (raising capital), managing short-term cashflows (working capital management) and acquiring all or part of a business (mergers and acquisitions, management buy-ins and buy-outs, etc.
She brings over ten years'experience in managing equity investments and has completed hundreds of deals including trade sales, management buy-outs and management buy-ins.
Deals included a good mix of management buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions and a small number of management buy-ins,' he added.
It provides funding for growth, recovery, management buy-outs and management buy-ins.
Some of the money has been used for management buy-ins, management buy-outs, transactional finance and refinancing.
The team has expertise across a broad range of corporate finance activity, including lead advisory ( management buy-ins, buy-outs, acquisitions, disposals ( business planning, finance-raising, due diligence, valuations and SFI grant applications.
Other members of the Birmingham-based team include Catherine Wall who originally joined Barclays Private Equity in 1984 and has responsibility for management buy-ins and the selection of non-executive directors' Andrew Murtagh who joined in 1998 and led, amongst others, the pounds 147 million MBO of FirstAssist, and Mark Taylor who joined the team in 1994 and led the public-to-private of the Doctors Healthcare Group and the MBO of Femcare.
Quantum provides lead advisory services in the specialist areas of Management Buy-Outs (MBOs), Management Buy-Ins (MBIs), disposals, mergers, acquisitions, finance-raising and grant funding.
AVCAL's venture members provide capital for early stage companies, later stage expansion, and finance for management buy-outs and management buy-ins of established companies.
She joins the team headed by partners Ross Cocker and corporate tax partner Manny Sahota and will assist clients in the specialist areas of management buyouts, management buy-ins, start-up businesses and floatations.
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