A stereotactic breast-imaging system that digitally localises a lesion, providing precise biopsy co-ordinates.
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Devicor's product portfolio also includes the Mammotome revolve, the tether-less Mammotome elite, Neoprobe Gamma Detection System, Mammotome MammoTest stereotactic biopsy table, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of tissue markers used in breast disease diagnostic sampling and management.
Devicor, Mammotome, Mammotome revolve, Mammotome elite, MammoTest, and Neoprobe are trademarks of Devicor, Inc.
Screening is performed with a mammogram, also called a Mammotest.
The rights to the MammoTest system were acquired by Siemens this summer from Fischer Imaging.
9 Hologic Sells Intellectual Property of Mammotest System to Siemens, 2006 52
The company also highlighted its new MammoTest prone table, which is designed to offer clinicians the choice of upright or prone stereotactic breast biopsy systems.
EES agreed to place a binding order with Fischer for 20 MammoTest tables (collectively, the "Tables") to be shipped to various locations in Europe.
Fischer, with Hologic's consent, granted Kodak a non-exclusive limited license to use certain Mammography Assets necessary to provide service and support on the installed base of SenoScan and MammoTest systems (the "Service business").
Since then, the reputation and name of the company have evolved and gained worldwide recognition by leveraging technology that has brought to market such innovations as the Traumex (VersaRad), the Bloom DTU-215 Stimulator, Electrophysiology imaging systems, and the Mammotest breast biopsy system.
SenoScan and MammoTest sales were negatively affected by the announcement of the sale of the Mammography Assets, which resulted in competitive and pricing pressures.
3) To exclude the net reduction in operating expenses resulting from the sale of Mammotest intellectual property acquired from Fischer Imaging to Siemens for $6,500 less an impairment charge of $1,400 to the carrying value of the underlying technology.
The agreement contains a license back to Fischer of mammography intellectual property necessary to continue to service and support the installed base of SenoScan and MammoTest systems with Fischer's existing service organization, to maintain its contractual obligations for providing MammoTest and SenoScan systems to OEM customers and to carry out certain activities with respect to Fischer's RE&S business.