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A culture-bound symptom complex described in certain Mediterranean countries—e.g., Italy, where it is called malocchio—more common in children and adult women. Malocchio may stem from something as simple as a gesture of spite by a person looking another in the eye, cursing him/her
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Constructs of ethnicity, such as the surreptitious profession of a belief in malocchio, served to center Italian American identity, but often in the negative context of subordination to the dominant social order.
Today, as I have suggested, professing a belief in the malocchio has become--instead of an element of a conflicted acculturative process--a statement of ethnic pride: Italianita (Italianicity) cast in bold relief.
He now knows that Malocchio is more dreadful than he had thought.
The emboldened Grandioso seizes the sword and rushes offstage to renew his attack on Malocchio.
Malocchio continues to play him for a fool, and Gwendolyn the Good no longer hears in his voice the sound of trumpets.
She put a Malocchio on a woman in Monterrey in 1949, and within three years that woman had three brothers in prison and three grandchildren with their left foot two inches shorter than the right,'' he said.