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n Latin name:
Malva sylvestris; parts used: dried flowers and leaves; uses: respiratory disorders, teething, constipation; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children. Also called
blue mallow, cheeseflower, cheeseweed, field mallow, fleurs de mauve, high mallow, malve, or
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The fatal shooting was on the May 24 and we thought at first Felix had been hit by a car," said Mr Mallows.
could be important, too, for promoting the establishment, growth, and reproduction of the mallows.
However, Mr Neary said, when the victim's group left the pub and headed for a kebab house, Edwards and his pal began punching Mr Mallows.
Mallows than chased his wife down the street until she reached his mother's home where she tried to phone the police.
Sold in packs of six wafers or 10 mallows, the rsp for each offering is 1.
Mr Joyce said: 'After she had been in the house with the parents Gaye Mallows came outside, she also told Alex, and then she told you.
Mr Joyce then explained that PC Mallows, Stevens and the Chapman family were all in the garden of the Chapman home when PC Mallows received a telephone call on August 17, 2002.
Mallows refused to divulge the total value of the development.
Their "gourmet" mallows are made with natural ingredients and come in a variety of flavours and formats, from dippers to munch bars and bags.
Steve Mallows is the man behind the 14 Days of Love campaign, which is aimed at raising awareness about the "continuing plight of local businesses" and increasing pride in the area.
Why is it when you prune anything, whatever its size (and believe me, my mallows were huge) you always end up with a pile of cuttings three times the size of the original plant?
Innovation manager Julia Monoyioudis said the first phase of its new assault--a range of mallows and biscuits under Cadbury's Highlights hot chocolate drink banner--would tap into a key market of 25 to 45-year-old women who like to watch their weight but are reluctant to give up daily treat all together.