Achille-Etienne, 19th-century French surgeon. See: Malecot catheter.
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Inbreeding coefficient and the coancestory coefficient were estimated by the algorithms proposed by Meuwissen and Luo (1992) and Malecot (1948), respectively.
26) In 1960 Malecot introduced the concept in which nasalization is obligatory in AE in such context.
Hologic indicates that the device is inserted through the cervical canal, the Malecot anchor is deployed on the internal os, and the inner probe's polyethylene tip is extended to the fundus to gauge uterine cavity length.
Surgical drain was applied by using Malecot catheter number 18 to facilitate serum drainage.
A 14F Malecot drain was routinely placed following the completion of the operation.
Mantel test To determine whether genetic relationships among sampling areas conformed to a pattern of genetic isolation by distance (Wright, 1943; Malecot, 1955), we computed the Mantel correlation coefficient (r) between [F.
Following fluoroscopic and direct visual evidence of calculi clearance, an antegrade ureteric JJ stent and a 24F Malecot nephrostomy catheter were inserted.
We employed a specially designed mandarin stylet that engaged the tip of the catheter and collapsed the malecot wings during insertion into the bladder at 1 cm from the bladder neck (Figure 2).
and Biais, Hillion, and Malecot (1995) for France, show that small firms, which are more likely to be credit rationed, rely heavily on trade credit when credit market conditions deteriorate.
In principle, the coefficient of parentage (f) introduced by Malecot (1948) could serve for identification of EDVs because it reflects the degree of relatedness between two genotypes on the basis of their pedigrees.
Voir Claude Malecot, George Sand-Felix Nadar, Monum, Editions du Patrimoine, 2004.