Achille-Etienne, 19th-century French surgeon. See: Malecot catheter.
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Mantel test To determine whether genetic relationships among sampling areas conformed to a pattern of genetic isolation by distance (Wright, 1943; Malecot, 1955), we computed the Mantel correlation coefficient (r) between [F.
The stents are brought out through the lumen of a 22-Fr Malecot catheter placed through the neobladder, which serves as a suprapubic catheter.
We employed a specially designed mandarin stylet that engaged the tip of the catheter and collapsed the malecot wings during insertion into the bladder at 1 cm from the bladder neck (Figure 2).
TRUS confirmed placement by displaying the location of the malecot and catheter in the bladder.
and Biais, Hillion, and Malecot (1995) for France, show that small firms, which are more likely to be credit rationed, rely heavily on trade credit when credit market conditions deteriorate.
Michel Malecot, owner, expressed his comments regarding La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee's Javalixer coffee extract.
Contract notice: Asbestos removal and demolition of the old site atemax 10 malecot impasse saint-jean-bonnefonds (42).
Contract notice: Reconstruction of the emi malecot lens.
Onemli kanamasi ve/veya toplayici sistemde ciddi perforasyonu olan hastalara 14F malecot nefrostomi katateri konuldu ye nefrostominin yeri opak madde verilerek dogrulandi, diger hastalarda ise drenaj icin J stent, ureter katateri veya total tupsuz yontem (her-hangi bir drenaj tupu konulmamasi) secildi.
Contract notice: Demolition - reconstruction of the emi malecot lens.