Male Contraceptive

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A reversible format of hormonal birth control for men under development, which consists of progestin plus a soupçon of testosterone injected every 3-4 months to stop sperm production
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It does not mean a male birth control just yet, but it is a great step forward in that direction," Li added.
The research is promising but scientists acknowledge that a male birth control pill is still years away.
One thing both sexes agreed on was an as-yet undeveloped male birth control pill, an idea that proved popular all around.
When men and their doctors understand the simplicity and effectiveness of the device, I think it will completely change the way we think about male birth control," said Dennis.
Hall credits his wife as the driving force that has kept him involved in research for nearly two decades to develop a male birth control pill.
Male birth control, although a great idea in theory, won't change much.
To date, the only government-approved male birth control methods are condom use and vasectomy (SN: 9/30/00, p.
SCOTS scientists have made a breakthrough in male birth control - with implants that stop the body producing sperm.
Meanwhile, in the basement lab of the hospital, Sue Ellen has invented a male birth control pill.
It goes without saying that we're mounting a major campaign to make male birth control the chief medical priority of our time.
By offering couples an alternative for permanent male birth control, the Vasclip enables women to avoid the costs and potential complications associated with the long-term use of birth control methods.
A male birth control pill hasn't been easy to come by in large part because of the challenge of getting any drug across the blood:testis barrier, where it can reach the sperm-generating cells.