Male Contraceptive

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A reversible format of hormonal birth control for men under development, which consists of progestin plus a soupçon of testosterone injected every 3-4 months to stop sperm production
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Brian, 32, is Britain's first human guinea pig testing the male contraceptive pill in trials by an Edinburgh hospital.
Although I was unable to include the most recent projects of Hilary Koprowski's laboratories in the fields of transgenic plants, vaccines, tumor immunology, and gossypol as a male contraceptive, I hope this issue represents the immensity of his scientific interest," says Zenon Steplewski.
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So when a group of researchers from Teesside University told women that men were indeed ready to use a male contraceptive pill, women looked at them in doubt.
A MALE contraceptive which protects against a range of serious diseases including prostate cancer, could be available within the next 10 years.
The findings, reported in the March issue of Developmental Cell, may also lay the groundwork for a reversible male contraceptive.
It has been predicted that a male contraceptive pill will be available on prescription within the next five years.
I know there is going to be a male contraceptive soon that has no side affects like breast growing (could we girls stand the competition?
Professor David Handelsman said: ``This is the first time a reversible male contraceptive that will suppress sperm production reliably and reversibly has been fully tested by couples.
Fellow scientists believe the breakthrough could also lead to the development of a male contraceptive.
A male contraceptive pill being developed in Britain could be available in four years time, it was claimed yesterday.