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Maldonado-San Jose stain - method for staining pancreatic islet cells.
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I stayed ten weeks at Maldonado, in which time a nearly perfect collection of the animals, birds, and reptiles, was procured.
To the westward the view extended over an immense level plain as far as the Mount, at Monte Video, and to the eastward, over the mammillated country of Maldonado.
In the nature of the land, however, around Maldonado, no such reason is apparent; the rocky mountains afford protected situations; enjoying various kinds of soil; streamlets of water are common at the bottoms of nearly every valley; and the clayey nature of the earth seems adapted to retain moisture.
During our stay at Maldonado I collected several quadrupeds, eighty kinds of birds, and many reptiles, including nine species of snakes.
Near Maldonado three or four generally live together.
Birds of many kinds are extremely abundant on the undulating, grassy plains around Maldonado.
This," continued the barber, "is the 'Cancionero' of Lopez de Maldonado.
Assistant Monroe County District Attorney Alyssa Zongrone called Rochester Police Officer Giovanni Maldonado to testify while Jacksons lawyer, Assistant Monroe County Public Defender Marc Infantino, presented no evidence.
With the facts before us, the Defendants continually exhibited malice and ill will toward plaintiff as shown in their false filings and refilings," Melinda Maldonado argued in papers filed in federal court last week.
by Agence France-Presse A man lights candles next to a portrait of Santiago Maldonado, a protester who went missing since security forces clashed with indigenous activists in Patagonia on August 1, 2017, placed at the entrance of a judicial morgue in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 20, 2017.
This is what the only female member of the five-person act, Kristin Maldonado, revealed while talking about the group's plan moving forward.
Sanchez wasn't pressed in the small-ball event, including an impressive 21-5, 21-8 win in the final over the lanky and athletic Andres Maldonado of Tucson.