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Malamute, malemute

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Marta Malinka, the Ukrainian-born founder of the Cyprus Husky Rescue and a self-described 'dog rescuer', says the exotic looks of the blue-eyed huskies, giant malamutes and white samoyeds accounts for their unfailing popularity among Cypriots.
Springfield Animal Control had seized the two Alaskan malamute dogs but have not destroyed them.
As we have seen, Jack Westondale is regarded highly by Malamute Kid, and Leggatt is regarded as a double by Conrad's ship captain.
It's almost comical to me to realize 250 pounds of malamutes have been replaced by a couple of pounds of fluffy females.
The Malamute, with its sawdust floors, is the perfect setting for veteran performer Richard Ussery and his readings of Robert Service poetry.
The family dog responsible for the attack was an eight-year-old Siberian husky-cross-Alaskan Malamute, police confirmed yesterday.
Kai is a 12 week old Alaskan Malamute puppy and a brand new addition to Kim Criddle's family in Flagstaff, Arizona.
MILLBURY -- Selectmen on June 10 ordered a pit-bull mix owned by Jean Barbieri, of Katherine Street, and two malamute huskies cared for by Susan Dolegiewicz, of Benton Street, declared public nuisances.
The family had a huskylike Alaskan Malamute and a terrier, at their home in Pontyberem, South Wales.
YOUR picture of the Alaskan Malamute showing its teeth is not a true reflection of these lovable dogs.