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Malamute, malemute

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More dogs followed, especially after they discovered a nonprofit group in Southern Oregon that specializes in placing huskies and malamutes that have been abused or neglected.
But Mitch - whose home is filled with keepsakes of pets he's had, including a large framed photo of Gandalf, a buzzard he rescued and rehabilitated, and the ashes of two of his late malamutes - said any eviction would be unreasonable.
Springfield Animal Control had seized the two Alaskan malamute dogs but have not destroyed them.
The Alaskan malamute is the second fastest and the strongest of all sled dogs.
The Malamute, with its sawdust floors, is the perfect setting for veteran performer Richard Ussery and his readings of Robert Service poetry.
Coco the Alaskan malamute is one lucky and spoiled pet dog.
She claims the farmer took no pity and blasted one-year-old Alaskan malamute Koda and husky Nanook, two, in the head.
ALASKAN malamute, female, free; samoyed purebreed, want to give it for breeding; husky puppy, two-months-old female, 150 euros; puppies, husky-German shepherd mix, 50 euros.
The family dog responsible for the attack was an eight-year-old Siberian husky-cross-Alaskan Malamute, police confirmed yesterday.
Kai is a 12 week old Alaskan Malamute puppy and a brand new addition to Kim Criddle's family in Flagstaff, Arizona.
He is a mammoth mix of greater Swiss mountain dog and Alaskan malamute.