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This, says Bayer, is where the excellent print quality of Makrolon OD2015 really pays off.
Like all Makrolon products the new multi UV 3/16-20 series is impact-resistant and stands out for being application-friendly.
The Bayer researchers set to work on Makrolon polycarbonate and succeeded in modifying it for the special requirements of manufacturing processes in the music industry.
But Bayer's Makrolon Rx2530 polycarbonate was the only one that offered the multiple characteristics we needed to house the electrodes, signal wires and thermistors required to measure tissue pH and temperature accurately.
Makrolon Hygard laminates will not "spider web" or spall.
Danny Rolph, also exhibiting at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, uses oil and acrylic on various surfaces, including Makrolon plastic (think greenhouse roofing
Working with the Swiss division of Bayer Plastics, researchers from both companies jointly developed Makrolon Rx-l805 lipid-resistant polycarbonate resin, a new grade of Makrolon.
Polycarbonate, also known by such brand names as Lexan and Makrolon, has applications that widely vary, but it is needed wherever polycarbonate's main features are desired: high impact resistance, temperature resistance and optical quality.
We chose Makrolon 2207 polycarbonate for its predictable, consistent quality from batch to batch and high-impact resistance," says Nomad founders Noah Dentzel and Brian Hahn.
The product Makrolon AG2677 in the color and temperature-stable, heat-absorbing color 771079 is being used on the new smart for the first time.
Bayer MaterialScience has launched a new version of its Makrolon polycarbonate (PC) sheet for the construction sector, which it says offers better surface quality, a co-extruded UV protective coating on both sides, optimised weight and increased bearing capacity over previous grades.
This is because Makrolon LQ3187 has greater impact strength and breaking resistance than standard polycarbonates.