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(pŏl″ē-kăr′bĭ-nāt, -nĭt) [″ + ″]
A transparent polymer used to manufacture eye protectors, shields, and other medical devices.


A very strong type of plastic often used in safety glasses, sport glasses, and children's eyeglasses. Polycarbonate lenses have approximately 50 times the impact resistance of glass lenses.

index of refraction

The ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum or in air, c, to the speed of light in a given medium, v. Symbol: n. Hence,
n = c/v
The speed of light in a given medium depends upon its wavelength. Consequently, the index of refraction varies accordingly, being greater for short wavelengths (blue) than for longer wavelengths (red). The index of refraction forms the basis of Snell's law, which quantitatively determines the deviation of light rays traversing a surface separating two media of different refractive indices. Syn. refractive index. Plural: indices. See dispersion; law of refraction; gradient-index lens; high index lens; speed of light; refractometer.
Table I3 Refractive indices of some transparent media at selected wavelengths
spectral lineGFDCA
wavelength (nm)430.8486.1589.3656.3759.4
aqueous or vitreous humour1.34401.34041.33601.33411.3317
crystalline lens1.43071.42591.42001.41751.4144
spectacle crown1.53481.52931.52301.52041.5163
dense flint1.63971.62901.61701.61221.6062

Table I4 Index of refraction n of various media for sodium light (λ = 589.3)
water (at 20ºC)1.333
spectacle crown glass1.523
flint glass (dense)1.62
flint glass (extra dense)1.65-1.70
titanium oxide glass1.701
calcite crystal
ordinary ray1.658
extraordinary ray1.486
quartz crystal
ordinary ray1.544
extraordinary ray1.553
Canada balsam1.53-1.54
silicone rubber1.44
hydrogel polymer
20% water content1.46-1.48
75% water content1.37-1.38
aqueous humour1.336
crystalline lens (average effect)1.42
vitreous humour1.336


Various organic or synthetic materials (e.g. CR-39, HEMA, polymethyl methacrylate, polycarbonate, etc.) that can be transformed into solid shapes to make spectacle frames, contact lenses, ophthalmic lenses, etc. and can be made to have good optical surfaces, high light transmission and refractive indices and dispersions similar to that of crown or flint glass. See acetone; index of refraction; plastic spectacle frame.
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