William Matthew, 19th-century English actuary. See: Makeham hypothesis.
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Fraser Makeham, hotel director of the Bowfield, said: "CHAS is an amazing charity that does great work supporting many families throughout the whole of Scotland, at a time when they need it most.
General manager Fraser Makeham said: "The club was in decline but over the past 40 years it's come full circle and we now have a six-month waiting period.
Linkfresh, a Fresh food supply chain software expert has named Andy Makeham as its new CEO.
Marketing margin or price spread is a commonly used measure of the performance of a marketing system (Abbott and Makeham, 1990).
Insurance with survival coverage has been selected in this article, the so-called income insurance, and its application to two laws of survival, the Gompertz and Makeham laws.
In New Confucianism: A Critical Examination, edited by John Makeham.
Andy Makeham, CEO of K3, said: "I am delighted to have completed the acquisition of FDS.
In the long term, the deal will help K3 become a provider of end-to-end cloud delivered enterprise solutions to the mid-market, chief executive Andy Makeham said.
January 5, 1952: Weather damage to the tower of St Paul's Church, Huddersfield needed pounds 480 of repairs, the vicar, the Rev J P Makeham, said.
3) Henry Makeham is in his final year of law and Asian Studies and recently did a stint at Peking University (oddly, the name the Chinese prefer in English).
As even Makeham concedes in his introduction, Xu Gan "is not a major figure in Chinese intellectual history .