Mail Order Medicine

A derogatory phrase for basing therapeutic decisions solely on the results of tests—e.g., radioallergosorbent test (RAST)—sent to a reference lab
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He revealed how he experimented with mail order medicine, steroids and "mushrooms from Russia" to try to tackle the mystery pain.
Postal Service reports of an alarming increase in mail theft, California pharmacists today issued a public alert to Californians about the rising danger of mail order medicine theft.
We are especially concerned about the effect of mail order medicine theft on seniors and individuals with chronic health conditions who require continual and life-saving medication," said Michelotti.
For those who are unable to get medications directly from their community pharmacists, CPhA recommends the following tips to avoid being victimized by mail order medicine theft:
Health Minister James Reilly said: "The Irish Medicines Board works closely with Revenue's Customs service to prevent the illegal supply of mail order medicines into Ireland.