Magnificent Seven

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A popular term for G protein-coupled membrane receptors of the same gene family, so named as all span the cell membrane 7 times.
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HERE'S a chance to get your hands on the fantastic new Henrik Larsson tribute song The Magnificent 7 - BEFORE it hits the shops.
Don't worry if you're not a winner - The Magnificent 7 goes on general release at HMV, Virgin, Our Price and all good record stores on December 10.
Send your answers on a postcard to: The Magnificent 7 Comp, Sunday MailSport, One Central Quay, Glasgow, G3 8DA.
The Magnificent 7 Rides Again" campaign won the gold award at the 2002 Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC) Awards Competition.
The purposes of the Magnificent 7 Investment Campaign were to retain and attract member deposits as well as educate members about Addison Avenue's portfolio investment options and encourage members to save for retirement.