ferric oxide

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fer·ric ox·ide

(fer'ik oks'īd),
A compound used as a coloring material.


containing iron in its plus-three oxidation state, Fe(III) (sometimes designated Fe3+).

ferric chloride
FeCl3, used as a reagent and topically as an astringent and antiseptic.
ferric cyanoferrate, ferric hexacyanoferrate
ferric oxide
see saccharated iron.
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41) In 1953 and 1954, Orradio hired the services of the Engineering Experiment Station of the Georgia Institute of Technology for the design of a magnetic oxide conversion plant.
Scientists and engineers present research and reference papers on the physical, magnetic, and dielectric properties of ferrites--all magnetic oxides containing iron as a major metallic component--and their potential as electromagnetic interference shielding and other commercial applications.
The project encompass the synthesis of metal oxide NPs, with a focus on magnetic oxides, their surface modification and post modification in biological fluids; immunological and genotoxicity studies, and translocation studies both in vitro and in vivo .