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a district in India where the condition was first described in 1842.
Madura foot - infectious fungal disease localized predominantly in the foot, having discharge from the exposed area. Synonym(s): Ballingall disease; maduromycosis
maduromycosis - Synonym(s): Madura foot
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He was succeeded by Nicolas Maduro, his most loyal disciple since they first met in 1992.
The following day, a group of 157 lawmakers from the United States, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru sent Maduro a letter urging him to allow international observers to monitor the vote.
The accusations are an embarrassment for Maduro, the 52-year-old successor to Hugo Chavez, as his ruling party heads towards a tough-looking parliamentary election in December.
Maduro faces a challenge in December legislative elections, which polls have indicated the opposition could win.
In his weekly TV program, Maduro attributed Kelly's statements to Washington's "desperation" to topple his democratic government, particularly when parliamentary elections are only weeks away.
Maduro insists the protests are a US-inspired coup d'etat to assail his democratic rule, less than a year since he was narrowly elected successor to the late leftist icon Hugo Chavez, whose policies he has continued.
She added that Maduro needs to purge his Cabinet and modernize Chavez-era social programs.
CARACAS (TAP) - Venezuela's President, Nicolas Maduro, has broken diplomatic relations and frozen economic ties with Panama.
Speaking about the perils of snowballing terrorism in the region, Maduro wondered as to which sides are financing terrorism in Syria, Iraq, Venezuela and Ukraine, the countries which, he says, present a unified front against imperialism.
Just as during Chavez's 1999-2013 rule, ties between socialist-ruled Venezuela and the United States have wavered under Maduro between professions of goodwill then strong mutual criticisms.
Venezuela has received from Iran a $500 million credit line to fund joint investments and help improve the supply of goods "necessary for the Venezuelan people," President Nicolas Maduro said Friday.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Venezuela's parliament granted President Nicolas Maduro special powers of decree in the face of threats by the United States.