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Having abnormally large testes; seen in males with fragile X syndrome.
[macro- + G. orchis (orchid-), testicle]
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Upon further inquiry, the father indicates that the patient also exhibits macroorchidism although he reports that no physician or dentist has suggested a work up for Fragile X.
Fragile X syndrome (FXS; OMIM +309550) is an X-linked disorder characterized by moderate to severe mental impairment, macroorchidism, large ears, prominent jaw, and high-pitched jocular speech.
Several cases of FSH-secreting microadenoma with macroorchidism have been reported (8), (9).
A testicular volume <95th percentile for age is considered macroorchidism (11).
Macroorchidism may be a consequence of a high number of Sertoli cells and is generally associated with elevated FSH levels.
In conclusion, FSHoma is a rare condition and is associated with clinical symptoms that are generally mild, however, FSHoma may present as macroorchidism.