Machiavelli, Niccolo

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Niccolo, Italian author and statesman, 1469-1527.
Mach scale - used to determine an individual's use of manipulation.
machiavellianism - a personality trait of one who manipulates others to achieve goals.
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Empirical evidence also suggests that Machiavellianism and organizational factors influence the ethical decision making of employees.
Machiavellianism and the Department Store Executive, Journal of Retailing,, 64 (Spring), 68-84.
H1a: There is no significant difference in the Machiavellianism measure between the Chinese managers across PRC, USA, and Singapore
As mentioned before, Machiavellianism is "a personality trait involving willingness to manipulate others for one's own purposes" (Greenberg, Baron, Sales, and Owen, 1998: 114).
For instance, subordinates low in self-esteem, strong in the need to please, or high in Machiavellianism may be prone to ingratiation.
Such amusingly petty machiavellianism has its sinister aspect.
Did the participants of the civil wars not dip into Machiavellianism in the cause of their respective machinations?
There is also Jacques Revel's study of "The Court," which as an inherited way of conceiving and practicing power, continues to stamp the political society of the Fifth Republic, defining both the poles of majesty and Machiavellianism typfied by a Mitterand.
Far more persuasive than that failed attempt to build a consequentialist argument for why leaders should not lie, however, is the lingering concern that, in Elshtain's words, "we have moved into a zone of amoral Machiavellianism that ill befits us a people.
Machiavellianism is also problematic because testilying often involves lying about matters that are "outcome determinative in .
integrate diversity and interdependence through denatured Machiavellianism - that is, using political skills to advance the organization.