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Ernst, scientist in Hapsburg Empire, 1838-1916. See: Mach band, Mach number.


A gene on chromosome 2q33-q34 that encodes a protein belonging to the cysteine-aspartic acid protease (caspase) family which, once activated by proteolytic processing, plays a central role in the execution phase of cell apoptosis, as well as various stages of embryological development. CASP8 is an initiator-type caspase, which is activated by, and interacts with, upstream adaptor molecules through CARD and DED protein–protein interaction domains; it is involved in the programmed cell death induced by Fas and various apoptotic stimuli. It is highly expressed in peripheral blood leukocytes and in the spleen, thymus and liver.

Molecular pathology
CASP8 has been detected in the insoluble fraction of affected brain regions in Huntington disease, suggesting a role in neurodegenerative diseases.
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Motivated by this, we compared the characteristics of the hot jet using six different nozzles, including profiles of velocity, Mach number, vorticity, species concentration, pressure and temperature distributions, as well as shock structures for the C-D nozzles.
The static pressure rise is achieved through the ramming effect of the air; the increase in Mach number results in increase in static pressure and static temperature with the loss of stagnation pressure due to the presence of shock waves.
Mellenthin, "Evaluation of blended wing-body combinations with curved plan forms at mach numbers up to 3.
In a jet with fixed exit flow conditions, reduction of the Mach number entails controlling convective velocity and controlling the medium surrounding the instability wave.
Figure 9 depicts the BER performance under different Mach numbers and incident frequencies when the initial SNR is fixed at 40 dB.
Mach number is one of the critical parameter in the gas atomization process.
Three different test rigs were used to carry out the tests using boundary conditions that achieve more or less flow similarity regarding Reynolds number and Mach number.
Because of the Mach number range over which the airplane flies, the spikes must move to keep the shocks in the right place.
Wanner in [9] and Mattingly in [10] have presented different empirical equations that were able to predict the maximum thrust force for various altitudes and Mach numbers.
The findings confirm that, at high Mach numbers like those of the shocks surrounding supernova remnants, quasi-parallel shocks can become considerably more effective electron accelerators than previously thought.
This phenomenon is similar to the bomb bay instability that occurs at certain Mach numbers when the aircraft bomb bay door is opened.
The direct specific excess power values computed by the display were then plotted versus their respective airspeeds and Mach numbers for the piper Saratoga and the X-30 respectively.