Mach number

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Mach num·ber

a number representing the ratio between the speed of an object moving through a fluid medium, such as air, and the speed of sound in the same medium.


Ernst Waldfried Josef Wenzel, Austrian scientist, 1838-1916.
Mach band - a relatively bright or dark band.
Mach number - the ratio between the speed of an object moving through a fluid medium and the speed of sound in the same medium.
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Compared to the HC1 results, the modern design introduces effects of compressibility due to the increased Mach number (M = 0.
Motivated by this, we compared the characteristics of the hot jet using six different nozzles, including profiles of velocity, Mach number, vorticity, species concentration, pressure and temperature distributions, as well as shock structures for the C-D nozzles.
The following graph indicates the selection of contraction ratio with respect to Mach Number (M).
Studying those charts, Emary noticed a glitch in the Cd versus Mach number plots at ranges beyond 400 yards (shown in the accompanying graph).
The objective function was set to minimize MTOW while satisfying all of the following performance and design constraints: Mach number [greater than or equal to] 0.
In a 26-inch fully retracted aft position, at the design cruise Mach number of 3.
The axial Mach number distribution along the different axial blade stages should be considered carefully.
The overarching principle of the FFD method is reduction in the convective Mach number of turbulent eddies that generate intense downward and sideward sound radiation.
Generally, electron density increases with rise of Mach number, and the higher is the speed, the wider is the plasma sheath.
The weight of an aircraft during flight is changing due to fuel consumption, which depends on type of engine and Mach number.