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Then, in preclinical models of MYCN leukemia, the researchers tested a strategy of knocking out the gene for the safety-valve protein.
2009) Los otros dos miembros de la familia MYC, los genes MYCL y MYCN mostraron un modesto cambio en el numero de copias en cuatro de las seis lineas evaluadas.
Coactivation of the MDR1 and MYCN genes in human neuroblastoma during the metastatic process in the nude mouse.
Prognostic significance of age, MYCN oncogene amplification, tumour cell ploidy, and histology in 110 infants with stage D(S) neuroblastoma: the paediatric oncology group experience-a paediatric oncology group study.
We believe that activation of AEG-1 in addition to MYCN is critical to the development and progression of neuroblastoma," said Fisher.
Prognostic classification of pediatric medulloblastoma based on chromosome 17p loss, expression of MYCC and MYCN, and Wnt pathway activation.
During the study, the research team led by Eilers analysed almost 200 genes that interact with MYCN.
Overall, MYCN [7] amplification is a genetic hallmark of the disease and an independent specific prognostic marker.
The 9q deletion is characteristic of the SHH group, and MYCN amplifications are occasionally noted.
MYCN and 1p status was evaluated by fluorescence in situ hybridization according to the guidelines of the European Neuroblastoma Quality Assessment group (34).
MYCN amplification is a well-known genetic abnormality in neuroblastoma, but somatic mutations are found in only a small number of tumors.