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modulation transfer function (MTF)

Etymology: L, modulus, small measure; L, transferre, to carry, functio, performance
a quantitative measure of the ability of an imaging system to reproduce patterns that vary in spatial frequency. The MTF is useful in predicting image degradation in a series of radiographic components.

trans woman

A male-to-female transgender or transsexual person who was an assigned male at birth but identifies as female.

The terms trans woman and its synonym, male-to-female transsexual, are often used for individuals who have not been physically re-assigned/transitioned, and many prefer the simple word women if the process is complete.


Metabolize to freedom Medtalk Worked-up sufficiently to exclude diagnoses other than alcohol intoxication, disposition/discharge planned when Pt achieves safe functional level
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Like a ship's executive officer (XO), the hospital deputy functions as the "chief operating officer" for the MTF.
The calculation begins by determining the total cost of legal support services that are provided by the AMC or MTF to the Medical Affirmative Claims program during the current fiscal year.
Traditional methods for MTF measurements were initially designed for devices forming continuous images and can produce erroneous results, because the sampling of digital devices is not properly taken into consideration (Estribeau & Magnan, 2004).
Jayne Villiers, the university's volunteer co-ordinator, said: "It's the fifth year we've run the Nightstop appeal and the first for MTF.
Since some external liquidity providers will be proximity hosted within the same primary data centre as Chi-X Europe's MTF matching engine, Chi-Vision's round trip latencies for onward routing will be, in some cases, below 400 microseconds, which ensures that execution probabilities are maximised and clients are able to take full advantage of the trading opportunities available," the company said.
The MTF is a world leader in tissue research and development, and has been both a financial and strategic partner to Bone Biologics over the past four years," noted Bruce A.
Their flange-mounted MTF vibrators apply innovative solutions that further increase their performance and reliability.
Finally, according to the 2004 MTF survey, several illicit drugs (such as marijuana, ecstasy, and amphetamines) have shown modest declines, while other drugs have been showing signs of increasing use.
Common module systems, EOMUX systems, EMUX systems, two-dimensional MTF, resolution, image quality, sampled-data systems, atmospheric transmittance, atmospheric MTF, target signatures, sensitivity and noise, system performance models, target discrimination and range predictions.
MTF is a form of VAT fraud in which traders import goods VAT-free before selling them on at VAT inclusive prices without passing on the VAT collected to Customs.