mass transfer-area coefficient

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mass transfer-area coefficient (MTAC)

the permeability of a dialysis membrane multiplied by the available area of the membrane, calculated as the clearance rate by diffusion when there is no ultrafiltration and when there is not yet any solute in the dialysate.
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On hearing this news, the Chongqing MTAC officials decided that the whole episode was a political plot orchestrated by the Lhasa Government.
BTS Group AB (STO:BTSB), a strategy implementation firm, announced on Monday an agreement to acquire MTAC GmbH, a consultancy group focused on serving German-speaking Europe that provides similar offerings.
After winning the California top prize VOCE, the Trio has gone on to perform at the MTAC Convention, L'Ermitage Foundation, YMF and JCM recital series.
Their MTAC l-4X Ballistic CQ is the result of user feedback.
Mounting the Burris 1-6x42 MTAC (30mm tube diameter) riflescope brought the total weight to 8 pounds give or take a few ounces--the package being comfortably portable via Blue Force Vickers sling.
The leather magazine pouch is fitted with the same adjustable clip used on the Minotaur MTAC.
She has received several awards in MTAC, Yamaha JOC and the Los Angeles Young Pianist competitions.
The new MTAC line offers five new scopes that are designed for the tactical shooters and 3-Gun competitors, but are versatile enough for use In the field.
Eric plays both the violin and piano and has won several awards from Musical Arts Club of OC, MTAC and Cypress College Piano Competition, as well as the MTAC Composers Today 2012 State Contest.
Recently I have been using two new versions, at least new to me, those being the Minotaur MTAC and Minotaur Neutral Cant concealment holsters.
Policy support and institutional strengthening, focusing on staff of MTAC, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, provincial tourism administrations and local communities;
Other awards include first place at MTAC and CMTANC competitions and second place from Pacific Musical Society.