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abbreviation for tandem mass spectrometry.
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The rnicromolding process with the constructed MSMS fabricates the half-circular microchannel array as well as the reservoirs (Fig.
While reacting with surprise at the contents of the BCCI statement, MSMS admitted that it was in touch with BCCI on the issue.
The company said that the MSMS Connect network is designed to improve the delivery, security and efficiency of healthcare by delivering access to and the use of technology among physicians.
After digestion, we diluted 40 [micro]L of the solution in 360 [micro]L acetonitrile:water (1:1) with 2 mL/L formic acid and performed MSMS.
Not only will this help streamline health care delivery, it also offers patients access to their own information so that they can work with their [health care providers] to make informed, timely and cost-effective choices," MSMS chairman Dr.
MSMS worked with approximately 1,200 students in 2010 alone with the help of 30 core volunteers from the company.
For repetitive analyses, the retention time, mass and MSMS data can be recorded in the internal database in real time.
Currently, 12 Bayer sites around the country operate local MSMS programs, which together represent a national volunteer corps of more than 1,000 employees.
To d): The qTOF analyzer must provide MSMS experiments and an m / z resolution of> 50,000.
This consultation concerns the acquisition, installation and commissioning of equipment for MALDI mass spectrometry imaging analyzes and structural determinations by MSMS.
Currently celebrating its 15th anniversary, MSMS is Bayer's companywide initiative that aims to improve science education and advance science literacy across the United States through hands-on, inquiry-based science education, employee volunteerism and a national public education/awareness campaign led by astronaut, scientist and educator, Dr.
Initiated in 1995, MSMS has its roots in community science education partnerships forged by Bayer employees more than 40 years ago.